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Consumer Security

Identity Protection

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is taking of a victims identity, usually with the intent to obtain credit or steal money.

A stolen identity could allow a fraudster to:

  • Apply for and obtain credit
  • Obtain credit cards from banks and retailers
  • Establish new accounts with utility companies
  • Rent an apartment or house
  • File bankruptcy in the victims name
  • Pose as the victim on job applications
  • Use the victims identity when in the custody of the authorities

What do I need to know about Identity Theft?

Identifying valid requests for your personal information and protecting your identity are not easy tasks. However, being familiar with the businesses you deal with and understanding the type of information they collect from you will help. It is important to read the privacy policy on the websites you visit online. Bank of Grand Lake's privacy policy is available on our website.

You should be aware of some common tactics used to gain your personal information. These tactics change and evolve, so we direct you to the web-sites below to obtain the most current information. Please visit their sites by clicking on the following links:

Better Business Bureau  Federal Trade Commission

What steps can I take to help protect my identity?

  • Review the privacy policy of businesses you deal with.
  • Periodically review your credit report with the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can get your free annual credit report at Free Annual Credit Report.
  • Cross-cut shred all documents containing personal information before tossing them in with your garbage.
  • Review account statements and bills and make sure each transaction listed matches your records.
  • Use caution on the internet to avoid spoofed emails and websites.
  • Avoid releasing unnecessary personal information to those who do not need to know the information.

When should I contact Bank of Grand Lake?

Please let us know if you have a question or concern about the security of your relationship with us.

If you ever have reason to believe the security of your account number, online account access ID, password, Visa debit card or credit card has been compromised, please contact us immediately.

Contact us immediately if you have been approached online, on the phone or even in person by someone representing Bank of Grand Lake, trying to gain access to your personal information and have reason to suspect the encounter was not official Bank of Grand Lake business. Bank of Grand Lake will never ask you for personal information via the internet or email.

What should I do if I suspect my identity has been stolen?

As soon as you believe you have become a victim of Identity Theft you can refer to the Federal Trade Commission or Better Business Bureau websites for additional support including steps necessary for reporting Identity Theft.

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